Google Penalties: How to Protect Your Site

Search engine optimisation is a two-way process. It’s not just about stuffing your site full of as many things that the search engines like as you can, but avoiding the things that search engines don’t like. SEO Glasgow have been able to perfect their techniques over the years and know exactly what to avoid. Over the years, unscrupulous black- and grey-hat professionals have used various dodgy tactics to pump their sites a little bit too full of the things Google normally likes. This has led to the introduction of Google penalties and, in extreme cases, complete exclusion from listings.

In order to steer clear of Google penalties, there are a number of steps you should take when optimising your site:

Pick Professionals Carefully

Unfortunately, there are a lot of sole traders who claim to be professional SEO experts, but who have taught themselves using information that is out-of-date and just plain wrong. There are still people out there trading as professionals whose idea of SEO is stuffing your content full of as many keywords as possible. This is a sure way to attract Google penalties, and completely neglects the many aspects of SEO that are far more important than keyword density. Others have heard about keyword stuffing penalties and run with the idea, insisting that if you use a given keyword more than once, regardless of content length, you will be penalised severely.

These inexpert professionals can stumble into penalties by accident. Others court penalties quite freely, using dodgy SEO techniques to get quick results. Sometimes these are techniques Google hasn’t yet caught onto. Meaning you will get results at first only to be hit with penalties later when they’ve already taken your payment. One good rule of thumb in avoiding both kinds of professionals is not dealing with anyone who promises top ranking, or to get you on the front page in a given period of time. People who make these claims either don’t know better or are outright lying.

Keep it Natural to avoid Google Penalties

Avoid Google Penalties

Avoid Google Penalties

Google looks for an SEO profile that seems natural. This is the logic behind arguably the most well-known penalty – keyword stuffing. Google looks for a quantity of keywords that looks natural, and it applies the same logic with many other criteria it takes into consideration. When taking any step to improve your site’s SEO, try to make it look as natural as possible. In practice, this often translates to using a diverse set of strategies.

Let’s take link-building as an example. If all your site’s incoming links are of one type – in other words, you have gained them through a single strategy – then this looks more like an active attempt to get links than a reflection of quality content. If you earn your links through a range of strategies and different types of site, this looks more natural. In particular, avoid stacking all your links into guest post bios. Google is quite clever at picking this up compared to contextual links in content, and may penalise you if you rely too heavily on them.